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Monogram Bunting Wedding Quilt

Bunting Flag QuiltBunting Flag Quilt

Do you know who made the first bunting quilt? I’d like to know! I feel like they just sort of popped up all over the internet at once about 5 years ago, but surely someone thought of the first one.

Well, that person wasn’t me, but I have made a fair few of them in my time and I’d love to give the original person the credit! They are just perfect for weddings and baby gifts! Here is the latest.

I also wanted to share a bit on my process of making bunting flag quilts – not so much a tutorial, more of some tips and tricks.

I actually layer, baste and quilt the whole thing BEFORE adding the flags. I use a sheet for larger quilts so I can get a solid background with no interrupting seams. So for this quilt, I was just basting two totally blank sheets together! It’s very odd looking, but I think it is faster than quilting around the flags once they are sewn down and creates a nicer effect. I use an all over meander, though a grid would also look really nice, and I have done that before. It is a real challenge to get the grid to be perfectly even with no squares to go by!

Then I cut out all the flags and iron the edges under – I don’t do raw edge applique with them.

Bunting Flag Quilt

I use a bias trim maker to make the ribbon – a half inch wide – and then lay out the ribbon, criss-crossing it across the quilt till I like the lay out. then I lay down my flags and pin them into place. I quilt along the ribbon top and bottom and then around the flags.

This quilt also had a monogram added – I do this last- and I do use raw edge applique, and you can see on the back where the letters are. I don’t love the look of the backwards letters on the back of the quilt but I think it’s so much nicer to have the letters quilted and outlined.

Bunting Flag Quilt

Finally, no quilt is ready till it’s lint rolled! It’s not glamorous, but it does make a quilt look so much nicer! And a last picture of the binding. I used the Whispers by Michael Miller line and it has these lovely just off shades of clay. They look great together on the binding. This line is just perfect for a wedding quilt that will translate well into day to day life around the house I think. Bunting Flag Quilt

And a last look at the binding – I used

Fall Frames Quilt

I started this pretty little thing as a custom order. The customer changed their mind and ordered a different quilt (la la la!!!!) but I was in love with the fabrics so was excited to finish it anyway. Of course, it took me a year to finish it! But it’s done!

It uses lots of Kaffe Fassets shot cottons which I like, though they are very lightweight fabrics. It is also nearly impossible to order them on-line, they often look nothing like the swatches provided. I guess you’ll have that when they are, of course, actually made of two different colored thread. It’s now listed in my shop though I’ll be honest, I rarely sell finished quilts, just custom orders, and I kind of those this one too much to part with! But the house is full, sacrifices must be made!

Fall Neutral Frames Quilt

This was one of my Fall 2014 goals listed in my original post here. I’m moving through my list!

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Equal Love Quilt

I finished my Love Quilt – started in a tizzy the day that the Supreme Marriage decided in favor of marriage (!) and finished in the drudge of day to day. I love examples of political crafting from American history and gee I guess I’ve joined in! There are a lot of similar quilts and cross-stitches, etc. out there and I think it’s lovely.

Equal Love Quilt

I wanted to use really romantic feathers over the squares – which use a lot of sweet valentine and floral fabrics. This required remembering how to do feathers, which I have been too intimidated to do since a quilting class I took about 4 years ago…I think I remembered ok! I want to do more feathers, they are a joy.

However, the feathers started to get busy feeling, so I threw in some straight lines.
Equal Love Quilt

I actually free motion quilted a lot of the lines (I marked with a hera marker) so that I could squeak them into spaces between the feathers. I wanted it to look kind of like vines hanging on a trellis.

Equal Love Quilt

I am offering this up for sale in my etsy shop, in part because I simply don’t have room for any more quilts in the house. Though I admit, the cats have been especially fond of this one, I keep having to stick it on higher shelves and they keep finding it to curl up in.

Equal Love Quilt


Oh and I linked up with Fabric Tuesday – lots of great projects happening.

Wedding Signature Quilts Galore

I recently did some updates to my wedding signature quilt tutorial – I want to do a several part tutorial on the whole deal, as it’s a lot of little fiddly things to toss together – but this will do for now. I have actually been busy sewing lots of wedding signature quilts. Here is a little party of them. Colors!

Wedding Signature Quilts

These monogram quilts are very popular, I have made them in about every color now.
Wedding Signature Quilts

I have always wanted to make a trip around the world – this one was fun! The couples names and wedding dates are embroidered in the middle.

Wedding Signature Quilts

This was a queen size that I mailed to Australia. The shipping costs were…awesome.

Wedding Signature Quilts

I really like the prints in this one – prints do really well with signatures, I think.

Wedding Signature Quilts
Matt was very proud to have correctly identified the colors quilt as “Salmon and Taupe.”

Wedding Signature Quilts

This one isn’t done, but so pretty and fall!

Front porch quiltin

Equality and Love! Two of the Best Things!

Of course we have a long way to go to true equality – but I’m feeling very happy about more steps towards marriage equality.

Not that it’s about me! But as a person who loves weddings and freedom to choose who you love and equality it is a pretty joyful step. Of course we still don’t have hate crime laws and other basic protections. In Columbus, OH – which has a reputation for being very queer friendly – there have been multiple instances of homophobic violence just these last few weeks. It’s going to be a long struggle for true justice and equality.  But I think one way that quilters show love and support in times of need and in times of joy is through a quilt.

As you may know, I make wedding quilts (for all weddings!), and I love to share in the joys of weddings and to help keep a traditional craft alive. I know marriage isn't for everyone but I'm really happy more people have the right today.  Here's to a coun Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

Fabric Wedding Sign Tutorial Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

I made this fabric sign to go along with an upcoming wedding signature quilt I am going to make. It is very simple, but not something I’ve seen much of, so I also made this simple tutorial to go with it.  It’s a pdf. I find it so much easier to format such things off-line.

Let me know if it’s useful! FYI, you don’t have to sew down the letters! I liked the way it looks but for a sign that’s not going through the wash, ironing the letters down is sturdy enough.  I use Pellon Wonder Under Fusible webbing for this project.

I love applique and it was fun to make a little project like this. My projects are often big! Now I want to make little tote bags with words on them too!

In the background is me and my husband. Weddings are so fun! I love making stuff for them!
Quilt Wedding Signature Quilt Sign

And here it is nestled in the trumpet vine. Nothing more romantic than invasive vines!

Quilted Applique Sign
Happy sewing!

How to Make a Monogram Quilt Block

Monogram Quilt Block Tutorial by Waterpenny.netIf you are making a wedding signature quilt – here are some of my thoughts on that!

You’ll need

    • Computer and editing program (I use Word)
    • This text document if you want an example monogram 
    • Fusible webbing (I prefer Wonder Under by Pellon)
    • Marker
    • Fabric
    • Matching thread
    • Starch (optional)
    • Sewing machine

Make a Monogram QuiltStep 1: Pick a font!

Then make your monogram in a word processing document (or use this one). You can use any program, of course. I generally use Cambria, which is a nice common serif font. You can also find fun swirly fonts that wouldn’t be that hard to applique. I personally prefer simple clean lines – they look good and are a lot easier to sew and cut out!

You generally want your middle initial about twice the size as your other letters; in my example, I have a 500 font middle initial and a 250 font for the others – and I bold them. But you can futz about with it till you get it how you like it.

I do the letters as Wordart so that I can nudge them around and reverse them, etc. I’m sure all the graphic designers are rolling their eyes so hard they might get stuck – but it works for me! If you want to flip your letters around backwards, here is a tutorial that will let you do that. I do the smaller side letters as a different text box. Here is an example text document that I made that you can pop in your own letters.

Step 2: Pick the size of your block and letters. In this case, my block is 16×16 inches.  Cut it out and I also starch my fabric using my home made starch.  I want my letters to be 12.5 inches wide.  If you like you can print out samples of your monogram to see how it fits onto your block.

Cut your fusible webbing to the appropriate size. A note about fusible webbing – with Pellon Wonder Under, there is a paper backing, and a light filmy plastic webbing that acts like glue when melted – it holds your fabric in place and keeps the edges from fraying.  Leave the paper on for now!

Step 3: Trace your letters BACKWARDS onto the paper backing of the fusible web. I do April 2Make a Monogram Quilt013 076this by just tracing the letters right off the screen — I zoom in until the letters are the size I need and trace away using a permanent marker. It’s easier in a dark room. You could also print off your letters and trace onto the fusible webbing using a lightbox or window.

(A side note: if you don’t want to reverse your letters, you can trace them directly onto the webbing material).

Step 4: Iron your fusible webbing onto your fabric and cut out.Make a Monogram Quilt

See how the letters are backwards on the paper here? That is what you want!

(A side note: if there is an area larger than two inches, I generally cut that out of the fusible webbing – leaving at least a quarter inch on each side. The webbing can add stiffness to your quilt so I try to avoid large areas of it.)

Make a Monogram Quilt


I sometimes use a rotary cutter to cut out the long straight edges.

Once your letters are cut out, pick off the paper backing – it’s much easier if you use a pin to start the peel.

Make a Monogram Quilt

Make a Monogram QuiltStep 5: Lay out your letters and center them. I use two rulers! In my example, the long straight edges letters are 1.5 inches apart and 1.75 inches from the top and bottom of the H.  You can use temporary fabric pencil/marker to mark your measurements. When you get ‘em where you want ‘em, Iron ‘em down. Press down carefully; don’t move from side to side, as you don’t want to stretch or crumple the letters.

Make a Monogram Quilt

Step 6: Sew them down. Use any stitch you like – I prefer a zig zag stitch – to sew around the letters to secure them. They will fall off in the wash if you don’t secure them with sewing.

I have done a lot of fused applique and tested it in the wash, and I have not noticed a big difference in fraying if you just use a straight stitch, buttonhole stitch, etc. So your stitch choice is really just a matter of personal taste. I recommend you try out a few stitch widths and lengths on a scrap piece of fabric to know which looks best on your letters.

Step 7: Iron it again. I prefer to iron from the back so I don’t flatten my sewing. Admire it. Doesn’t it look great!

Make a Monogram Quilt

If I’m sewing the monogram into a quilt, I free motion applique using matching thread around the edge of the letters to quilt them down. The stitches aren’t really noticeable, but it looks so much nicer, in my opinion.

Sew it into a quilt? Make a pillow? Frame it?



Basting Basting

Yesterday like a hero I pin basted two quilts – one is a queen size which coincidentally is the exact size of the open space in my kitchen. Basting. How do I despise thee? Let me count the ways.

I go back and forth with pin basting and spray basting and for now I am on the pin basting wagon. It’s all horrible on a queen. I have some quilty friends who are doing the quilt as you go method on larger quilts which maybe is the secret?

The other one in the hopper is this pretty little thing – in black and white to help me think about block layout and distribution. “Random” block placement is harder than it looks!
Black and white to help with layout

And here’s what I ended up with:
And color... lattice quilts are awesome

Bunting Flag Wedding Signature Quilts!

Bunting Wedding Signature Quilt

Gray Diamonds QuiltIf you spend a lot of time looking at quilts on-line (guilty!) I know you will recognize this design from a few that have been floating around.

It is my new favorite design for wedding signature quilts – the bride had the flags at the wedding and then she mailed them to me to sew onto a quilt.

So, this isn’t a work in progress – it’s finished! Yay!

We had a non-terrible day so I was able to take some photos yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s snowing and freezing again this morning.

The back is this diamond/lattice/HST hybrid quilt that I love. With Moda Reunion bunting flag fabric in there – so perfect !

I recently made a book of all my quilts to bring to a local wedding craft fair (it was such a lovely event) and my husband pointed out that my quilt photos are kind of like taking a weird tour around our house.

My red door features prominently in many of them!

Gray Diamonds Quilt

I decided to take a few featuring other parts of my house. Like my rain barrel:

 Bunting Flag Wedding Quilt

and my little half shed thing:
Red and Gray Diamond Quilt

And here is a final shot with the quilt all wadded up in a pile, the quilts natural resting habitat.

Bunting Flag Wedding QuiltI’m linking up with Freshly Pieced and all the other beautiful things happening this Wednesday!