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    Ohio Explosion Quilt Returns

    Sorry to show this quilt again – but I am entering it the Bloggers Quilt Festival – into the applique category. The previous post is here. All the applique quilts in this festival are really different, which is neat to me! There are fun prizes, you should go vote for your favorite quilts! I also entered into the baby quilt category – another applique quilt.  

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    Cherry Blossoms and Other Berries

    I’m not sure exactly why I love cherry blossoms, since they are responsible for a terrible, horrible, no good sinus infection I got once while coordinating an event in DC. Luckily I had a good team that took over when I went down. Cherry blossoms 1; Dana 0. These flowers are cheesy, but I like them. I keep wanting to think of ways to class them up, but maybe they are fine sweet and simple. And in the realm of berries that don’t try to kill me, I got a goumi bush last fall, which apparently is invasive in much of the US! Very frustrating to learn that, but the…

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    Purple Crop Circles

    And here just under the wire, I decided to spend the evening finishing up this long-standing work in progress and tuck it into The Festival of Strings. It’s another scrap quilt from the flurry of purple and gray wedding quilts I did last fall. I’d like to thank Project Runway and Call the Midwife, the two television shows that helped make this happen. I pieced these squares together months ago, and apparently I threw in some scrap velvet which was a sweet surprise! I am loving different types of fabric. I think I am going to have to make a string quilt with satins, velvets, courdouroy and some cotton. Maybe a…

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    Linen Diamonds

    I’m happy as 10,000 clams with this quilt. I used Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed linen for the frame and ends and it is soooo pretty and the texture is so dreamy. And I used more of my shiny organic sheets for the back, which again, dreamy texture. I’ve had this one and been making an odd block here and there for a while but got my rear in gear to finish it for the Festival of Strings – which you should check out! I love string quilts and got extra inspired by the string quilts featured in this episode of Craft in America which featured Mississippi Cultural Crossroads quilting. I wanted…

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    Simple Solids Bee Blocks

      For those who may not be aware, a quilting bee is basically when some folks get together to work on a quilt together. Many hands make light work, as they say. It’s a pretty simple and timeless idea to combine work with socializing – and this is the on-line version – each month someone picks a block and 12 people make that block. On the month it’s your turn, you get 12 blocks!   I have never actually been in an online quilting bee – but I have done on-line swaps. So I made an extra of each of my blocks for February and March because I know how…

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    Quilting against slavery

    I’m visitng DC for a conference and always try and hit a few museums…at the American History Smithsonian they have a few snippets of how quilts were used to spread anti-slavery sentiments. I love it, and it makes me want to think on more ways to intregrate my sewing and activism… Like this crossstitched pun – for an anti slavery craft fundraiser…and this amazing quote.  I am loving these radical history of crafts, something fun to explore for the modern craft movement… And this hard hitting poem about remembering that women are have their babies stolen from them as you cuddle your own. Heavy stuff.

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    Midwest Landscapes Quilt

    This quilt was somewhat inspired by Gee’s Bend quilting, and African American quilt styles in general, but it was also inspired by the large quantities of vintage blue and green scraps I had. I have made a seriesof quilts and some bunting from these scraps and am happy to be finishing up what is probably, (hopefully?), my last project with them (though I do love them, it’s time to move on). I wrote about this quilt here as well. I used corduroy for the borders which is HEAVY and tugging this twin-sized beast around through my machine has given me super awesome arm muscles. OK, not really, but it did flare…

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    If you liked it then you should have put a bag on it.

    I’ve kind of given up on my goal of doing a handstand – at least in the next two weeks. I forgot to take into account that I am spending 2.5 weeks in December either traveling or entertaining houseguests, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for strength training and yoga practice. Whatever, universe! My new goal for December is to learn how to make bags. As I have previously admitted, I am pretty bad at sewing anything that isn’t a quilt.   I’ve now dipped a few toes into the world of three dimensional sewing. Since this blog is really boring, we’ll think about purses to the tune of…