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    Center Pivot Irrigation Quilt

    I actually finished this quilt a few months back, but just got around to doing nice pictures because I wanted to enter it into a few quilt shows. Like most quilters, I gaze out airplane windows and see endless landscapes of potential quilts. The scrap circles and white stained sheet were found in a garbage bag intended to be made into dog bed filling, cut by an unknown maker for an unknown purpose. The cheap polyester fabrics were a construction challenge, and the old sheet had a subtle color variation that seemed an interesting interpretation of the phrase “hand dyed.” I experienced constant self-doubt during the extravagant hours of quilting…

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    Stairs Through Burnet Woods Quilt

    There is a park near my house that is having an art show to celebrate the park. The park has some epic stairs, and when I saw the call for custom art, I immediately thought of those stairs through the forest. So many stairs! This is not my photo (source here) but gives you the idea of my inspiration: Cincinnati is a hilly city and has a lot of charming (and also spooky and decrepit) forested old staircases connecting neighborhoods. So this project is also a nod to the history of our city, and the generations of people who have appreciated the sunshine through the trees as they travel these…

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    Half Square Triangle Party – and an Invitation to Party with Me!

      Like most quilters, I love a half Square Triangle! I have been developing some classes I want to teach and want to do one on the Magic 8 HST method and all the great blocks you can do. So the first step is to make a bunch of half Square triangles – I had fun making these and playing with a different layout. I think I’m going to offer this as a beginner quilt class in the fall. I have a beginner quilting class all set up for June I am pretty excited about it. Enrollments open this week so check it outif you live in the Cincinnati area!…

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    Circles Scrap Quilt

      So I need another project like a hole in the head. And this project has so many things wrong with it, but I just love it and can’t let it go. A while ago, a fellow quilter gave me a bag of fabric that she didn’t want, that someone else who didn’t want it had dumped on her. I know someone who uses old fabric to make dog beds, so I took the bag for that purpose, but of course I couldn’t resist looking through it real quick just to see if there was anything I had to have. There are a couple of big pieces of old floral…

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    Linen Stars Quilt

    Forever ago – I’m going to say about 10 years ago – wait I found a blog post from 2012!– I made a wedding quilt for a customer using some beige and pink linen fabric. I was I was really in love with the color combination so I used the small bit of scraps I had left to piece together this little mini quilt. Then I was on to the next thing, but I quickly quilted it with some really sloppy stars and swirls which I have always been unhappy with. Set the quilt set in a box forever. Or for 6 years to be exact. I was just talking…

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    Dream Maps Quilt

      This is a quilt I am working on called Dream Maps. I have also been calling it my stained glass quilt but I like the idea of it being a map to a dreamed city. It is part of my #pinkgrayscrapsaga – basically and endless (ok 5 so far) series of quilts from my piles of pink and gray scraps. Others include my Mad Farmers Medallion Quiltand my Women Make Beauty from Garbage plus quilt. I started the piecing years ago and put it away in a box half done. Then in November I thought I might finish it to enter in Quiltcon, but decided not to rush a…

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    #QuiltsforPulse #OHCraft

    The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for local guilds to make blocks and quilts for the survivors and families of the horrible Pulse Nightclub shooting earlier this year. The response has been astounding – over 1,000 quilts! Here is one more to add to the mix. The Group #OHCraft is a crafting community that includes people from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Volunteers from the group made the blocks, Lorna put them together, and I quilted the finished project.

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    P4P Sunshine Dress Lined Bodice Tutorial

    I have a favorite hiking dress made by Eddie Bauer, which I have outlined my quest to re-create here (using the Colette Wren) and here (using the Patterns for Pirates Sunshine Dress) I loved the Sunshine Dress but wanted to have the bodice lined, so I experimented a bit and came up with the method below. My first two dresses I made using this pattern are really low cut – due to some bad adjustments I made, but I am happy to layer them I know I’ll wear them all the time. Adding the lining takes a while longer, especially the first time, but I am really happy with the…

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    My Quest for the Perfect Wrap Dress Part 2: P4P Sunshine Dress

    I have detailed the first part of my quest for the Perfect wrap dress using Colette Wren Pattern – which I liked but didn’t love – especially the neckline which wasn’t what I was looking for. For reference, this is my favorite dress that I was trying to copy. So when the Patterns for Pirates Sunshine dress came out I bought it immediately! I then immediately made a dress in the wrong size. Ooopsies! Measure twice cut once, right? Patterns for Pirates patterns always have a lot of options and they make a lot of special adjustments to make their patterns more user-friendly for pdf printing. I highly recommend them for beginner sewists! About…

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    My Quest for the Perfect Wrap Dress Part 1: Colette Wren

    I have a favorite dress, which I call my hiking dress. I got it at an Eddie Bauer warehouse sale about 4 years ago for $4.  How do I love it? Let me count the ways! It’s easy, flattering, doesn’t wrinkle, and you can nurse in it. I wear it hiking, to weddings, and chase toddlers in 90 degree heat at the zoo. Though I have been gifted the perfect dress, perfection is never enough. I want more. I have been on a quest to copy the dress ever since I had a vision of it made with this fabric from Peek a Boo Fabric Shop. I immediately ordered the fabric (it…