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Mint Fuchsia Lattice Diamonds Quilt

You know, I really should come up with more clever names for my quilts, but I rarely feel inspired to. Plus, I always enjoy knowing the traditional pattern that quilts are based on when I look at a quilt – so here it is – another lattice quilt.
Mint Fuchsia Lattice Quilt

I am so in love with these colors – the gray is Lotta Jansdotter’s fabric – it is such a perfect gray!

Mint Fuchsia Lattice Cat My cats always love the quilting process – and they aren’t the only ones – I see a lot of quilt photos with cats in them, but they are especially “helpful” when I come home after a trip.

They like to sit on my piecing chain so that I have to shoo them off every time I have to move the fabric. Bless them. They are so good at looking disdainful.


When I’m trimming blocks, I often just stuff the trimmings in a jar on my cutting table and then transfer that later to the trash. Sometimes the jars full of fabric scraps look like something you would see on pinterest or as a ‘rustic wedding’ centerpiece.
Mint Fuchsia Lattice Cat

You can see my headset underneath my piecing here – I am often on conference calls for my non-profit work while I’m doing piecing or ironing – bless that mute button.
Mint Fuchsia Lattice Cat
Love Panel - back of Mint Fuchsia Lattice

The back of this quilt is a panel I am completely in love with by Amy Biggers – the bride is going to have her guests sign around the panel in the white areas – how perfect will that be?

Off the Road Again

Y’all I have been on the road. Sometimes it seems like everything happens at the same time. Since January I have been to Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania (about 10 times), DC, Kentucky, Tennessee, and another place I can’t remember. On one of the trips, I dropped my phone inside the wall of a bus (I have no idea either) so there was a time in there with out phone. Luckily the nice bus fellows were able to pry it out of the wall and though my phone sort of looks like a dog has been chewing on it (or actually, like a bus has been chewing on it) I can instagram again! I have two glorious weeks at home stretching out ahead of me before I leave for California for another two weeks. So I thought I’d blog.

When I haven’t been traveling, I’ve been doing lots of sewing, I just haven’t been taking many picture. Oops!  Here is a picture I took of a quilt I made for my nephew, who is in a big boy bed – I have to make some matching pillow cases for it and I’ll bring it with me to California in a few weeks.Rainbow Eric Carle Quilt for Big Boys

I used Eric Carle “Brown Bear What Do You See” (note this link is for the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, Mass- I want to go there next time I am in Mass visiting family! ) for the center of the stars, and just your standard scrappy wonky star. The binding is from the same panel of fabric – it has stripes down the edges of the selvage. The fabric panel itself would make a lovely cheater quilt but I can’t resist making things more complicated and I love wonky stars.

I wanted something that was timeless and child-y – and maybe something he could hand to his baby sister when he gets too grown up for animals and bright colors.

The white fabric is scraps from pillow cases – some of it is textured with stripes, which I liked. It’s several different shades of white, which I really enjoy in a quilt, actually, I think it adds a nice subtle weirdness.

Winners! And Bathing Your Quilts

Binding pile. Four shades of turquoise.

I put some turquoise binding on my newest rainbow quilt, I have fancy pictures in the fancy camera but it’s Sunday morning and I don’t want to drag it out. It’s four shades of turquoise kona cotton. I like the subtle variation.

And I randomly selected some winners of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway – yikes, 350 comments! There were sooo many awesome jokes, it was a delight checking in every few days. I was surprised how many folks said they don’t know any jokes – well y’all – I ALWAYS have many jokes on hand, day or night. You could run in my house in the middle of the night and wake me up and demand a joke and I’d say, “Penguin walks into a bar and says, ‘Have you seen my brother?” and the bartender says, “I dunno, what does he look like?” or maybe I’d just say, “Aah! How do you dial 9-1-1?”


What’s red, white and black?

A zebra eating licorice !

I took me a minute to figure this joke out – I was thinking it was black licorice and so where was the red coming from? Blood? In my house, red licorice is called “Twizzlers.” I seem to remember a zebra joke about “black and white and red all over” that has a more gruesome ending. Anywho, the best jokes take a minute to puzzle out, in my humble opinion, so I love it!

Knock Knock
Who’s there
Lion Who
Lion on your doorstep, please let me in!

And I’m so happy a knock knock joke won, cause yeah knock knock jokes!
Bucket of quilt, water, woolite and a dash of vinegar.

Ok, so here is me washing a quilt. I have taken to hand washing my signature quilts in a big green bucket. This is a queen sized quilt, it’s in a very big bucket. I throw in some Woolite and some vinegar, which supposedly helps set ink and certainly doesn’t hurt anything. Then I toss it through the spin cycle in the washer and into the dryer.

Fascinating, hmmm??