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    Quiltcon and Thoughts on Getting Quilts Into Quilt Shows

    I have some fun news! I just got two quilts entered into Quiltcon, which is the show for the national Modern Quilt Guild. I also had one rejected. I have a lot of thoughts about the process of applying to shows, which I decided to post about below. I am always interested in the process of other quilters, and decided to share mine. First things first, the quilts, which are ones that I just posted about recently. This one is titled Dream Maps and I wrote about it here. And the other one is called Center Pivot Irrigation which I wrote about here (detail at the top). And the one that didn’t…

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    Dream Map Quilt

    As girl I had recurring dreams of flying over mystical intersecting roads, but lost in the endless tasks of early motherhood, I felt I was losing my ability to dream. I began to have dreams where I attempted to fly, but no longer could. The improvisational piecing technique spun off of Elizabeth Hartman’s Mod Mosaic block. It was an attempt to get back in touch with daydreaming and exploration without purpose. The gray roads in this piece meander, intersect and connect landscapes of bright girlhood fabrics, creating a stained glass bizarre dream map of a city that doesn’t exist. I worked on this quilt on and off for two years.…

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    Linen Stars Quilt

    Forever ago – I’m going to say about 10 years ago – wait I found a blog post from 2012!– I made a wedding quilt for a customer using some beige and pink linen fabric. I was I was really in love with the color combination so I used the small bit of scraps I had left to piece together this little mini quilt. Then I was on to the next thing, but I quickly quilted it with some really sloppy stars and swirls which I have always been unhappy with. Set the quilt set in a box forever. Or for 6 years to be exact. I was just talking…

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    Jewelweed Quilt and a Hand Dyed Disaster

    A couple years ago, my mother in law gave me a beautiful stack of fat eighths fabric for my birthday. She had gotten it at the Lancaster Quilt Show. I had had an idea for a quilt block rolling around in my head, and so I brought the fabrics with me on a sewing retreat and began cranking out blocks.  I called it Jewelweed, because that is a pretty flower, and I liked that the blocks were kind of jewel like, with all the butterflies around them like they were flowers. I used up EVERY LAST BIT of the butterfly fabric making this. I don’t think I have any scraps…

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    Improv Star Quilt Return

    I previously posted about this quilt here, but at the time I was not excited about blogging, and the post only has two pictures – and you can’t even see the whole quilt! So I decided to blog about it again with the motivation of entering the quilt in the Hand Quilted sewing category of Amy’s Creative Side Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  I have another quilt in the scrappy section, my Mad Farmer’s Medallion. This is a great place to check out other amazing quilts. I am not under any illusion that the quilting on my quilt compares to any of the masterpieces that are also entered in this section! But it’s…

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    Monkey Applique Baby Quilt

    Here is a cute little thing! I made this quilt as gift for my sweet nephew – who is about to turn 1! I am entering it into The Sewing Loft Blogs September Sewing Month Gift Category.  This challenge has been a fun motivation for me to finish up a bunch of projects that have been lingering – I’ve been sick for the last few months, and I really miss sewing! Now that I’m feeling better I am ready to get some quilts out the door!

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    How to Get Started On Your La Passacaglia Quilt

    When I told my brother we wanted to have kids but didn’t feel quite ready, he said, “You’ll never be ready, you just have to be brave.” I think the same advice applies to starting a La Passacaglia quilt. Normally I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration when people compare a sewing project to having a child, but with the amount of time (and money!) I’ve put into this quilt, I’m starting to feel like that’s pretty accurate!  Though this quilt has fewer temper tantrums 🙂 This gorgeous quilt pattern has been very popular and I’ve admired it for several years – HOWEVER I also thought that everyone doing it…

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    Mad Farmer’s Medallion – Complete!

    One of my favorite Wendell Berry quotes is this one, from his famous poem “Manifesto, Mad Farmer Liberation Front“: Expect the end of the world. Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable. Be joyful though you have considered all the facts. And another, from another well know Berry poem “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer“: I am done with apologies. If contrariness is my inheritance and destiny, so be it. If it is my mission to go in at exits and come out at entrances, so be it. I love both poems and they kept coming to mind as I embarked on this ridiculous medallion quilt about three years ago. Here is a post…

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    #QuiltsforPulse #OHCraft

    The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for local guilds to make blocks and quilts for the survivors and families of the horrible Pulse Nightclub shooting earlier this year. The response has been astounding – over 1,000 quilts! Here is one more to add to the mix. The Group #OHCraft is a crafting community that includes people from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Volunteers from the group made the blocks, Lorna put them together, and I quilted the finished project.

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    Stop Mountaintop Removal T-shirt Quilt

    I made my first t-shirt quilt! It is for a fundraiser for an organization I have worked with for ten years – it’s their tenth anniversary. The shirt is from an event we hosted about 4 years ago. I have completely used up every “white with red print” scrap in my stash. I was really stretching here – but it’s all from stash. I used an orange peel pattern to quilt it. I wanted a more visible quilting to try and unify the design a little bit, since I think all the background fabrics are a little cacophonous, but the quilting ended up being very subtle. It uses mostly vintage…