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    Neutral Linen Baby Name Quilts

    More baby quilts! When I was a kid, I had a baby quilt with my name on it, and I LOVED THAT QUILT. So I try to always add a name onto quilts I make for kids. In this case, I was making two matching quilts for some little brothers. I struggled with the placement of the names. I had it set in my head that I had to use these dots. Now I regret the dots. First I had just one dot, I loved the one dot, I made the quilt and it was finished. But then I thought it looked like Trumano. Not what I was going for.…

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    A Quilt Saga

    Years ago, I “finished” this Rainbow Derecho quilt, but was never happy with it. Here is another post about the progress of the quilt. The quilting, the puckering of the applique, the weight of it (too heavy and stiff), lots of little things. I tried to finish it in a rush and that was an important lesson learned – why rush to finish something just so you can spend years not liking it?!? But, I have a friend who is the perfect recipient for this quilt, and I’m moving soon and interested in off-loading a few quilts that are just gathering dust. Even though this quilt isn’t perfect, it deserves…

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    Coral Linen Patchwork Caravan Bag

    A while back I did a swap – even though I swore off on-line swaps years ago after several in a row where I didn’t receive anything in return, and also the anxiety-inducing fear that my recipient would hate what I made. Not my definition of fun. But the #OhCraft group had a bag swap, and I just couldn’t resist. My partner made a collage with linen, coral and embroidery and requested the Caravan Tote by Noodelhead. I can do that! The pictures aren’t great, but this bag was really fun!

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    Bloggers Quilt Festival – ROYGBIV

    Rainbow Lone Star King Size – 95″x100″ Folks who follow my blog have seen this quilt before, but I wanted to enter it into the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I love going through all the pages and seeing what everyone has made and voting for my favorites. I have entered my Goldfinch Mosaic quilt into the scrappy category. This my Scrappy Lonestar Rainbow Explosion Quilt, which I’m entering into the ROYGBIV category. Feel free to vote for the quilt, so it can become quilt president! Or you know, the equivalent. I love this quilt, and for street cred I’ll remind you all that 1. I basted it while 8 months pregnant and…

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    Sampler Quilt Finish!

    This is probably one of my longest ever works in progress. I actually finished it in early December, but just now got around to taking pictures of it, and then deciding to actually blog about it. It was part of my goal to finish by the end of 2014 as part of the Finish Along and I’m so glad to have it off the WIP shelf. One reason it took so long is I wanted to quilt it with feathers, and I didn’t know how to do feathers! I have gotten better at free motion quilting since I pieced this top in 2012 – and better at quilting in general…

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    Really Scrappy Rainbow Lonestar Finished!

    Yay! I had wanted to finish this hateful thing glorious beast by the end of the year. In part to reach my Finish Along goal, but more because I was worried I would NEVER finish it, and frankly I was sick of having it hang in my “unfinished quilts” pile. I did NOT want to press it again, and I had already pressed it. So it had to get done! I have something of a tutorial here, if anyone is interested in my modified lone star math I had to come up with. Ok, get ready for a million pictures, because I am just in love with the front and…

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    Charley Harper Cardinal Mosaic Quilt Finished!

    I’m so happy to have this quilt done! I love him. It is inspired by the Charley Harper animal mosaic in Cincinnati. A tutorial for the quilt and images of the mural are here. My neighborhood is full of cardinals that like to sing all their crazy amazing songs very early in the morning and then all day. I’m sure you’ve heard them, even if you don’t know it! Here is a great video about cardinal songs. It finished just under 6 feet square (cat for scale, and also because he wouldn’t get off the quilt).

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    #OHCraft Sew-in and Finish Along

    This weekend I went to the #OHCraft Sew-in, which is an awesome, low key, annual retreat for crafters across the state. It’s such a nice weekend and was beautiful with the fall weather. I’ll be honest, I spent most of the time sewing, and did not really make the most of my access to the beautiful Appalachian scenery! However, I finished three tops that had been languishing in the WIP shelf for over a year! Now I have a giant pile of quilts that need basted and quilted. That is going to be my goal for the finish along: To finish them by the end of the year! Yikes! Lucky…

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    How to Make A Really Scrappy Lone Star Quilt

    Traditional Lone Star Overview The Lone Star is a traditional diamond shaped block – traditionally you do planned colors so it makes a cool radiating star pattern. For an example of that, here is a cool tutorial! It requires really careful piecing, because if all your bias cut seams don’t match up just right, you lose some of the effect. The strips are all the same length and width and you have to carefully calculate your strip piecing and color placement to get the perfect effect. Another option is the slightly scrappy lone star, which Better Off Thread has a nice tutorial  with examples for that effect! While her version uses…

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    Charley Harper Mosaic Goldfinch Finish

    Here is another one that took me a few days to get ALMOST done and then a year to actually finish. I think of it as a ‘she’ though obviously it is a male goldfinch. I posted a tutorial for how to make a cardinal version – I have a half finished cardinal version as well – as well as some glamour shots of the unbasted top out in the wild.