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    Square Tote Bag Free Tutorial

    I love making reusable shopping bags and totes and decided to whip up a little pattern for one of my favorite bags that I have – here is the tutorial at this link. I did a pdf because I find it so much more convenient for me to make documents than blogposts -sorry for any inconvenience to you! Essentially this bag is just a half yard of fabric folded in half.  You can also use two fat quarters sewn together. The fabric here is an upholstery weight cotton from ikea – but quilting weight is great too! Instead of just sewing up one side and along the bottom like a basic…

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    You can paint a laminate bookshelf!

    I decided on Sunday that I wanted to make an armoire and re-paint the living room. In one day. It’s dragged on a bit, but we’re getting there. And by “we” I mean “I” because Matt has been too busy with school and research to do much painting. The best part of all is that I painted these two laminate bookshelves. This is just such a revelation to me, as there are SO MUCH ugly laminate furniture for SO CHEAP or FREE and now I know that I can make it not ugly! Or, Less Ugly! These two were a horrible dark brown with gold accents, so, you can’t get…

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    Memorial Books

    The last couple days I’ve been working on something pretty different – a memorial book for a dear friend of mine who passed away a few weeks ago, just as a little gift to thank his family for sharing him with us. Larry was a special friend – a very famous and well-known activist who had been profiled by Oprah and CNN and you name it. But he was also just such a nice dear person who played a big role in both Matt and I’s lives. Here is the website of the organization he founded if you want to learn more about him. I do feel like I knew…

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    Fall Classes

    I’m signed up again to teach a few classes at a local store – Wholly Craft – which, btw, has an AWESOME craft supply trade section, where people donate old craft supplies, and then other people buy them. Proceeds go mostly to charity, some to the store. I think it’s great and came up with some classes designed to teach a few quilting basics and to use up some scraps from the scrap bin. I have been offering and Intro to Cross-stitch and done a few intro to quilting classes. But I wanted something simpler than even a baby quilt for these classes – something that could be finished comfortably…

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    How to Preserve Your Huge Quantities of Greens

    While there is no such thing as too many greens, I have not been able to bring myself to put a dent in all the mustard greens coming out of our garden. I just don’t like it as much as the kale, spinach and chard, which are putting out a serving+ a day of greens, which in addition to the salad for lunch every day, well, we’re just not that healthy around here folks. I do however love having frozen spinach on hand, and thought maybe I would love having frozen mustard greens too. So, time to preserve our first round of food for the season! I picked off 75%…

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    DIY Kitchen Cupboard

     While coming home from a walk a few weeks ago, Matt and I noticed a filthy cupboard filled with rotting smelly 1970’s wallpaper samples. AWESOME, right? It was handmade by a carpenter who wasn’t that worried about detail, just like our house (which we rent), which is at least 130 years old and full of architectural quirks that I like to think of as “lazy farmer chic”. I gave it a few good kicks and was happy with how sturdy it was. We dragged it home a few blocks – great arm work out – pulled off the rotted cardboard back, threw out all the papers, and left it outside…

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    Roll On, Ohio!

    Woody Guthrie wrote the song “Roll On, Columbia”  in 1941 as an advertisement for hydroelectric power.  As much as I don’t generally like product placement, it’s a fun song to sing about wherever you are. This weekend I took an urban tour of Ohio, top to bottom, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland. Glancing at facebook this morning, I see that many of my friends were adventuring through dramatic woods, mountains, rock climbing. When did I start going to so many cities? When I was younger I was pretty terrified of cities, and the mix of exhilaration and exploration and “I AM HAVING AN EXPERIENCE HERE, RIGHT NOW” I got when I did nervously…

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    I Will Make a Fitted T-Shirt, Then Save a Bunch of Tigers…

    I had a professor who told me that when he became a professor, he decided to never again wear shirts that said things. For various reasons, this made perfect sense to me, and as such I have very few shirts that have words of any sort on them (I even cut out the tags!) (though more because the tags itch my neck). If you want to know what I’m thinking, or where I attended school, or what races I have run in (none), etc. you’ll have to email me, because you won’t read it on my shirt! (Or I suppose if you must, you could come up and talk to…

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    Homemade Spoonflower Fabric Book!

    I made this fun book for my nephew Henry who is a champ! It is about a fun little monkey named Henry who loves to jump. He keeps having me read it to him over and over again. I’m thinking about making a tutorial for how to make your own book in spoonflower and/or offering fabric books that are personalized for your babies in my etsy…thoughts?

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    Wonky Shapes Quilt

    Ok, so for the last week-ish I have been in San Francisco, playing with my nephew and basking in the sun, and riding roller coasters on the beach. Ha ha, it is 20 degrees and snowy in Columbus. So I hear – how would I know? But before I left, I started this quilt – it’s another organic one! I don’t know how to describe the pattern. It’s like some kind of a crazy bow tie. It looks better in person. If you want to see other quilts in progress, check out this link!