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    How to Make A Wedding Signature Quilt

    EDIT – This post was updated September 2013. I’ve been making wedding signature quilts as part of my Etsy business for a few years now and have streamlined things a bit. Here are some signature quilts I’ve made recently for more examples! And here are some tips for bringing a completed quilt to your wedding. I made a signature quilt for our wedding – you can read more about it here, it was very fun and my sweetie and I love it – we look at it and use it more often than our wedding albums.  It is crazy and colorful like our life and our friends and our house. However,…

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    How to Make a Fabric Roll Up Paintbrush Holder

    I made a bunch of cute bags for Christmas Gifts which I completely forgot to take pictures of. Just imagine something amazing and I’m sure you’ll have it about right. I made a bag for my mother-in-law, who paints watercolors, and I wanted to make a paintbrush roll up holder to match her bag, but I had no idea what sort of size or shape would be needed. So, I carefully measured hers when we were there over the holidays, and promptly forgot the measurements. I had figured there would be 10,000 of these tutorials on the web, but the ones I found were not super helpful, so I’m making…

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    Carrot or Carrot? Free Pattern and Survey

    Hey hey hey! The Veggie embroidery patterns are getting closer. I’m sitting on my 95 degree front porch drinking iced soymilk/espresso, my laptop is burning a whole in my skirt, and I’m staring at these two drawings of carrots gardening, wondering, which is better? Or should I include both? I suppose I’m more inclined towards the curly haired carrot, since, you know, I’m curly haired. But the straight mohawk carrot has a gentle fierceness I appreciate. So, long story short, I’m offering these for free, and if you want to embroider up a sample of them and give me a critique on my patterns, I’ll give you a bunch of…

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    Veggies on Their Way!

    Because it’s raining too much to do much with my veggies in the garden, I’ve decided to finally finish my Veggies Extravaganza pattern series. Oh did you not know I was working on a Veggie Pattern series? That’s because I have been very lazy, ahem, secretive about it. The only hint I have given was the free “Kale On Guitar” pattern I put out in February. I’ll do some more free veggie patterns sometime soon (definitely within the next five years!). I’m stitching up the sample For Sale patterns right now. One thing that is amazing about veggies is that their little sprouts taste just like the big version of…

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    Owl in Progress

    I pieced this owl quilt in January, posted a free applique pattern for it in February, and I think I might just quilt it before the end of March. I played around with quilting spirals on a test swatch and don’t really love it. Maybe something more like hand quilting….but not actually hand quilting.

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    Free Pattern: Owl Applique

    Everyone is making owls these days. Or maybe owls aren’t cool anymore, as of today? Whooo knows. I made a quilt with a fabric owl on it and wanted to make the pattern available. I used Pellon Wonder Under fusible webbing for applique. Enjoy! My favorite knock knock joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Who. Who Who? What are you, an owl? Click here for the pdf!

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    Free Pattern – January Tea Fiesta!

    I’m so excited, my computer is back with all of my data friends! Yay! To celebrate, I’m going to post this free pattern that I meant to post last month. I really dislike the way the hedgehog turned out but I am so over the moon for my Fiestaware dishes (made in WV!) that I just love this image. Here is the link to a free pdf! PS: I just love the way images of embroidery turn out when you scan them. You can see every thread! It is so hard to get detail in photographs of embroidery.

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    Kale on Guitar

    For some reason I have “Kale on Guitar” stuck in my head to the same tune as “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney. I was going to do something like one free pattern a week or month – certainly not two days in a row – but I thought putting this up here would help stop the continuous loop of “Kale on Guitar.” Of course there are worse things in the world to be hearing on a loop, like certain singers whose names start with G and end with A and also have a G and A in the middle.

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    I Want a New Pie!

    I heard on NPR that Pie and Kale were going to be very trendy foods in 2011. This is very exciting news for me as I really like Pie and Kale, and though I have never tried Kale Pie, I can imagine it being delicious with mushrooms and maybe pine nuts or something. So anyway, since I am way ahead of the curve on this kale/pie thing, I guess I’m going to be really popular this year! Yeah! Of course, the ever-positive thinking boyfriend pointed out that now kale might get really expensive, if it becomes trendy. Because spinach used to be cheaper.  Gah! But, whatever, a new year, a…

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    Mushrooms Knitting – Free Pattern

    I am selling some of my patterns on Etsy, because they are a lot of work, and so I feel like it’s ok to charge for them. However, I want to share some of the simpler ones, because I love it when other people do that. Here’s the pdf. Soon there will be many more drawings of vegetables doing cozy winter activities.