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Finished Woodlands Baby Quilt!

So, I started this quilt a month ago and then the internet erased my post. Dangit, internet. This is a new thing for wordpress to do to me, and I hope it never happens again! Ok, fingers crossed this blog doesn’t disappear on me too!

Woodlands Baby Quilt Car Seat Cover

I finished hand-sewing this quilt. I previously posted about this quilt here and reviewed the Auriful Aurifloss I used to embroider it here.

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Disgruntled Christmas Embroidery

I love the holidays and family, but am not crazy about commercialism, and while I could frame it politically or from a feminist perspective, if I’m really being honest, I don’t like, basically, doing housework which I think the holidays involve way more housework and running errands than I am willing to buy into. But I like my family! And jokes, I like jokes and movies with jokes in them. So, some years ago I made these Christmas ornaments and sold them in the shop. They have some naughty swears in them, friends, so warning!


For a few years, I sold the completed ornaments in my shop, but I fell out of love with them. But not before I made a pattern!

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Cherry Blossom Mini Quilt

Update: Here is the very simple Cherry Blossom Applique Quilt Pattern Cherry Blossom Quilt

I didn’t love this quilt at first, but I quilted it and quilted it till I knew it was dead and wouldn’t run away. Plus it gave me a chance to practice wood grain quilting which I’ve been thinking of for a while!

I continued the wood grain quilting onto the binding, because the binding looked so static and blank compared to the super dense surface.

Cherry Blossom Quilt

I want to do a quick tutorial for this but it won’t be today. The linen binding was a bit of a chore and then I decided  to add all the extra flowers.

Cherry Blossom Quilt

Even though the inspiration was Cherry Blossoms, look at it in the Sweet Pea! Matches perfectly.

Cherry Blossom Quilt


I’m linking up with the super fun Mini Quilt Challenge at Ellison Lane quilts – so many beautiful things!  Cherry Blossom Quilt


And to TGIFF (thank god it’s finished Friday)

Lotta Prizes!

Lotta Fat Quarters!

I haven’t mentioned it yet here, but I was surpised and happy to see that my Rainbow Derecho quilt won the category for Bed Quilt in the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. Yay! My prize was waiting for me from the adorable shop Six Munchkin Stitching. It included a handy little bag and -gasp- some Lotta Jansdotter Fat Quarters!

I have loved Lotta’s work for years and was so happy when she came out with a fabric line – but I haven’t actually picked any up yet (it’s been a few years) so it felt like Lisa was reading my mind!

Thanksgiving last week meant a lot of hours in the car, sitting about with family which meant a lot of hours of hand stitching! Perfect time to crank out some hand embroidery for a new pattern series I am working on.  The phrases are all based on a Self Esteem Quilt and Zine that I worked on back in ehhhh, 2005? I decided to go with a more grown up design feel than all my other patterns -which is to say, no pictures of giraffes and monkeys riding in a canoe (though those are still available!).

The Self Esteem Pattern series will hopefully be up and hopping by the end of the week!


Sew Mama Sew! Contest

Finished Heart Mini-Quilt!I’ve long admired the Sew Mama Sew website and enterprise – fabric, tutorials and a great community – and I think their name is super cute. They recently had a Valentines Day Tutorial contest and ta-daaa, I was a finalist!

I highly recommend all the finalists super cute ideas – and of course I LOVE the baby quilt made of vintage sheets – eco friendly and soft and sweet!

One of the most awesome things is a chance to show off my fabulous front door, however! Here a link to the tutorial I put together to make the quilt (for the door, just add paint!).

It’s the Final Countdown…for Ornaments

You have one week left to order stuff on Etsy for your Christmas. So, you should!

I was tickled to see my Christmas Family Vacations swear word ornaments were featured not once but TWICE in this treasury. I know there is a limited audience for Christmas ornaments with swear words, but I love catering to it.

This week I am focusing on the non-sewing part of my lifestyle – facilitating big conversations on big topics. Yay for movement building! I was going to come up with some metaphors to connect sewing and facilitating conversations and divergent ideas and projects towards collective action, like, uh, quilting stuff together and fabrics you thought would clash actually make the others look way awesome and better than they did on their own. Yeah.

Vegetable Star Quilt

I was fussy cutting up some veggie fabric from Ikea and all of a sudden (ok, hours upon hours later) I had this ginormous star quilt. It is with my favorite scrappy blues and greens, which have shown up in crazy improv form and appeared as some pretty mountains.  I have enough left for another quilt or a back, but I’m going to try and give it a rest for now.

It went from this layout (which I was stuck on for a while):

Wonky Star Options

Veggie Star Quilt
To this – all sewn up !

I put a few of the blocks on a tilt because it was SO BORING with them all in neat and tidy rows. Almost kind of dizzying. I really like neat rows on a small quilt, but this one was too big for it to work for me. But because I am addicted to symmetry and order, I put my wonky angled blocks in a pattern. D’oh!

It’s been sitting for a few weeks since I can’t bring myself to iron it or the back I made for it. Both look like, aah, like kleenexes that have been wadded up in a giant’s pocket.  And I’m having second thoughts about the back I put together for it. It’s also too cold, muddy and yucky wet outside for me to baste the quilt outside on the deck, which I admit I really enjoy. Blargh, BASICALLY this quilt may languish as a top till forever. If you know any giants that need something to blow their nose on, let me know!

On the whole I have been sick of quilting, and by “sick of quilting” I mean “I don’t want to iron a giant quilt top and quilt back that I don’t like.” If I had some nice piecing all set up to go, I could quilt for years on end. So, I’ve been focusing on hand sewing these past few weeks.

Trouble on my mind

How to Transfer Your Handwriting to Fabric for Embroidery

I made a bunch of Christmas Ornaments, which are slowly but surely trickling out of my Etsy shop and onto Christmas trees across America.

My interest for the last week has been sewing random things that I scrawl onto random scraps of fabric, and then sticking them in the store too.  For example, some folk lyrics (plus a newt I traced off a picture I took one spring):

Mole in the Ground/Lizard in the Spring

Some Einstein:

God is subtle but not Malicious

I don’t know why I’m so interested in embroidered handwriting, maybe it’s something about making a casual note so meticulously permanent, but anyway, I’m a few pieces in and just keep thinking of more that I want to do…

Hazel Dickens Embroidery

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