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Bell’s Palsy Supplements, Vitamins and Essential Oils

I was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which is damage to a facial nerve which causes facial paralysis – among other symptoms.

I have been frustrated to find there are not a lot of great resources for people dealing with this.  My doctor was initially particularly unhelpful and dismissive of my concerns. It seems that a lot of people heal quickly and don’t have a lot of symptoms beyond the paralysis. I don’t think my doctor realized the severe nerve pain that can accompany Bell’s Palsy and I think she might have thought I was being overly vain or over-dramatic about my symptoms. I have had to do a lot of research and advocating for myself.

I have had a lot of pain, fatigue, hearing and eye issues associated with mine. These symptoms may be less common, but they are perfectly normal. Nerve damage is strange and unpredictable. Since my research has taken over my life the last two weeks! I will probably post a series of blogs with my research into Bell’s Palsy, but here is my first.

The majority of this information is gleaned from online support groups, most notably this excellent facebook group, which I recommend you join asap if you are new to Bells Palsy!

Here is a list of vitamins, herbs, supplements, etc. that are commonly tried by people who have Bell’s Palsy – compiled for convenience. Please comment with any suggestions, questions, corrections you may have.

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