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    The Library Tote – A New Bag Pattern

      I am so excited to announce I published a bag pattern. If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know, and you might already be sick of looking at pictures of my tote bag. I just posted it on Craftsy (or bluprint?) and made my first sale! What should I spend my big money on? ….. Size Small on the left and size Medium on the right. The bag has an envelope bottom, which means you don’t box the corners. It creates a nice design feature and is a fun and easy way to finish a bag. I have been wanting to teach a tote bag class, but…

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    Zipper Pouch Demo for Quilt Guilds

    Last fall I put together a demo for the Cincinnati Modern Quilt guild on how to make a zipper pouch. I used the free and excellent Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch as my example and walked our guild through the steps. At the end of the demo I had people share their own tips and tricks for making better pouches. Afterwards, we did a sign up for a pouch swap. People were allowed to use whatever pattern they liked, but it was helpful for people have an example pouch to get started. Zippers can be intimidating, so most of the talk focused on zippers! I also gave out this hand out…

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    Coral Linen Patchwork Caravan Bag

    A while back I did a swap – even though I swore off on-line swaps years ago after several in a row where I didn’t receive anything in return, and also the anxiety-inducing fear that my recipient would hate what I made. Not my definition of fun. But the #OhCraft group had a bag swap, and I just couldn’t resist. My partner made a collage with linen, coral and embroidery and requested the Caravan Tote by Noodelhead. I can do that! The pictures aren’t great, but this bag was really fun!

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    Pouches! Baskets! Noodlehead, Oh My!

    Before baby, I made a handful of cute pouches, and then waited for them to become useful.I’m sharing how we used them for our new baby, in case that is useful for any other new parents thinking about using up their fabric stash for baby storage purposes! Anna at Noodlehead makes amazing patterns. Her wide open pouch is actually a free pattern –  I think it’s my favorite pouch to make and use – so handy.  I use this one to keep my hand-sewing kit in – thread and notions for whatever project I am working on. That may not sound like a “baby” use, but our baby likes to sleep…

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    Go Anywhere Bag – Diaper Bag and Pattern Review

    I made the Aragon bag by Sew Sweetness for our major diaper bag – and it has been great for plane trips and day trips. But for just running around town for a few hours, I knew I wouldn’t need a bag that big. Especially now that we’re able to breastfeed on the go (thanks in part to our awesome baby carrier!) we really only need a few diapers, a changing kit and a change of clothes. And sometimes blankets, extra burp cloths, paperwork for doctors visits – and snacks, water and lip balm for me of course! Lucky this bag is actually big enough to hold all of that –…