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Hot Air Balloon Wedding Quilt

Hot Air Balloon Monogram Quilt

This was fun. It’s raw edge applique. I just put the fusible webbing under the edge of the design so it is softer, especially with the layers of applique with the monogram over the balloon.

Looking at it in pictures, I think maybe I should have done a darker stitching around the balloon. But in person, it stands out more and I liked the softer effect. I saw a quote that said the tragedy of making things is that by the time you finish something, you are better than when you started it so you are always disappointed with your work. But I love the soft gray/peach/navy palette and know it will be perfect for cuddling under after the wedding guests have signed it.

Princess Pirate Quilt!

A friend recently asked me to make a Princess Pirate Quilt for his niece. I said yes, please.  A great opportunity to use Sarah Jane Out to Sea before it disappears (goes out to sea?). There is also a lot of Aneela Hooey A Walk in the Woods fabric in there.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I love doing special applique quilts and I LOVE kids quilts that let me just have fun with bright colors. This quilt is very PINK! I swear I used a lot of blue fabric – or I thought I did – but the pink outshines everything else.

I used my Monogram Quilt Block Tutorial to make the letters.

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Ohio Explosion Quilt Returns

Sorry to show this quilt again – but I am entering it the Bloggers Quilt Festival – into the applique category. The previous post is here. All the applique quilts in this festival are really different, which is neat to me! There are fun prizes, you should go vote for your favorite quilts! I also entered into the baby quilt category – another applique quilt.

Ohio State Map Quilt


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Fish Baby Quilt

Cyrus' Fish Baby Quilt
My fishy baby quilt arrived safely in Boston! The benefit of being a year and a half late for my super-nephew Cyrus’ quilt is that he got to pick the theme! His daddy says he “makes a mean fishy face” so fish it is. The back is trucks, another thing the little guy enjoys thinking about. The fish applique images are loosely based off the drawings in the cute book Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins.

But really, I think more quilts need to have googly eyes, am I right? My new advice for people struggling with design decisions is going to be: “Have you thought about adding googly eyes?” I had so much fun making this, it was so freeing to just play, play play. I love baby quilts!

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Cherry Blossom Mini Quilt

Update: Here is the very simple Cherry Blossom Applique Quilt Pattern Cherry Blossom Quilt

I didn’t love this quilt at first, but I quilted it and quilted it till I knew it was dead and wouldn’t run away. Plus it gave me a chance to practice wood grain quilting which I’ve been thinking of for a while!

I continued the wood grain quilting onto the binding, because the binding looked so static and blank compared to the super dense surface.

Cherry Blossom Quilt

I want to do a quick tutorial for this but it won’t be today. The linen binding was a bit of a chore and then I decided  to add all the extra flowers.

Cherry Blossom Quilt

Even though the inspiration was Cherry Blossoms, look at it in the Sweet Pea! Matches perfectly.

Cherry Blossom Quilt


I’m linking up with the super fun Mini Quilt Challenge at Ellison Lane quilts – so many beautiful things!  Cherry Blossom Quilt


And to TGIFF (thank god it’s finished Friday) Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

Fabric Wedding Sign Tutorial Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

I made this fabric sign to go along with an upcoming wedding signature quilt I am going to make. It is very simple, but not something I’ve seen much of, so I also made this simple tutorial to go with it.  It’s a pdf. I find it so much easier to format such things off-line.

Let me know if it’s useful! FYI, you don’t have to sew down the letters! I liked the way it looks but for a sign that’s not going through the wash, ironing the letters down is sturdy enough.  I use Pellon Wonder Under Fusible webbing for this project.

I love applique and it was fun to make a little project like this. My projects are often big! Now I want to make little tote bags with words on them too!

In the background is me and my husband. Weddings are so fun! I love making stuff for them!
Quilt Wedding Signature Quilt Sign

And here it is nestled in the trumpet vine. Nothing more romantic than invasive vines!

Quilted Applique Sign
Happy sewing!

Linen Hearts Quilt

IMG_7503Right now I am sitting on my front porch and a fellow up the street is singing at the top of his lungs. He has a nice voice. I think he is singing Mumford and Sons?

Ok – back to sewing – I had a fun time quilting up this little thing – more work with scraps from larger linen quilts. It uses a number of soft shades of brown. Did I mention I love brown lately?

Linen Neutral Heart Quilt

I think this would make a fun wedding or baby shower signature quilt.  Maybe with some initials in some of the hearts?

Or just a sweet wall-hanging. I just wanted to make something small and sweet and quick after all my big projects lately.

These hearts are appliqued on using fusible webbing. I sewed around the hearts using my free motion foot. You can still see the pencil marks from the grid I drew on to place the hearts.  Looks like I’ll need to take a toothbrush and some woolite to get those out…I’m linking up to the fun folks at Fabric Tuesday. 


Winners! And Bathing Your Quilts

Binding pile. Four shades of turquoise.

I put some turquoise binding on my newest rainbow quilt, I have fancy pictures in the fancy camera but it’s Sunday morning and I don’t want to drag it out. It’s four shades of turquoise kona cotton. I like the subtle variation.

And I randomly selected some winners of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway – yikes, 350 comments! There were sooo many awesome jokes, it was a delight checking in every few days. I was surprised how many folks said they don’t know any jokes – well y’all – I ALWAYS have many jokes on hand, day or night. You could run in my house in the middle of the night and wake me up and demand a joke and I’d say, “Penguin walks into a bar and says, ‘Have you seen my brother?” and the bartender says, “I dunno, what does he look like?” or maybe I’d just say, “Aah! How do you dial 9-1-1?”


What’s red, white and black?

A zebra eating licorice !

I took me a minute to figure this joke out – I was thinking it was black licorice and so where was the red coming from? Blood? In my house, red licorice is called “Twizzlers.” I seem to remember a zebra joke about “black and white and red all over” that has a more gruesome ending. Anywho, the best jokes take a minute to puzzle out, in my humble opinion, so I love it!

Knock Knock
Who’s there
Lion Who
Lion on your doorstep, please let me in!

And I’m so happy a knock knock joke won, cause yeah knock knock jokes!
Bucket of quilt, water, woolite and a dash of vinegar.

Ok, so here is me washing a quilt. I have taken to hand washing my signature quilts in a big green bucket. This is a queen sized quilt, it’s in a very big bucket. I throw in some Woolite and some vinegar, which supposedly helps set ink and certainly doesn’t hurt anything. Then I toss it through the spin cycle in the washer and into the dryer.

Fascinating, hmmm??