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    Be Joyful – Wendell Berry Quilt

    I lost my mother when I was young; seeing her handwriting creates a bright line of connection to her. I turned my own handwriting into applique for a quote that I held in my heart when I decided to have children. This quilt is made with raw edge scraps from the mobiles that hung over my children’s cribs. Having my beautiful children was in part a way of showing my wild love for our planet, despite worries about global warming and political strife, and this is my advice to them. Above is my artist statement. Here is my quilter’s take. I was playing with construction methods. I used a glue…

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    Monkey Applique Baby Quilt

    Here is a cute little thing! I made this quilt as gift for my sweet nephew – who is about to turn 1! I am entering it into The Sewing Loft Blogs September Sewing Month Gift Category.  This challenge has been a fun motivation for me to finish up a bunch of projects that have been lingering – I’ve been sick for the last few months, and I really miss sewing! Now that I’m feeling better I am ready to get some quilts out the door!

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    Monogram Bunting Wedding Quilt

    Do you know who made the first bunting quilt? I’d like to know! I feel like they just sort of popped up all over the internet at once about 5 years ago, but surely someone thought of the first one. Well, that person wasn’t me, but I have made a fair few of them in my time and I’d love to give the original person the credit! They are just perfect for weddings and baby gifts! Here is the latest. I also wanted to share a bit on my process of making bunting flag quilts – not so much a tutorial, more of some tips and tricks. I actually layer,…

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    Double-Sided Baby Quilt

    I finished this baby quilt shortly after the baby was born, but never got pictures of it. I used it as a play gym for her until recently, since she is now too grown up for play gyms! I wrote about the play gym process here – it was easy to pull off the arches and transition it into a play mat – perfect for sitting on the front porch and watching the cats.

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    Neutral Linen Baby Name Quilts

    More baby quilts! When I was a kid, I had a baby quilt with my name on it, and I LOVED THAT QUILT. So I try to always add a name onto quilts I make for kids. In this case, I was making two matching quilts for some little brothers. I struggled with the placement of the names. I had it set in my head that I had to use these dots. Now I regret the dots. First I had just one dot, I loved the one dot, I made the quilt and it was finished. But then I thought it looked like Trumano. Not what I was going for.…

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    A Quilt Saga

    Years ago, I “finished” this Rainbow Derecho quilt, but was never happy with it. Here is another post about the progress of the quilt. The quilting, the puckering of the applique, the weight of it (too heavy and stiff), lots of little things. I tried to finish it in a rush and that was an important lesson learned – why rush to finish something just so you can spend years not liking it?!? But, I have a friend who is the perfect recipient for this quilt, and I’m moving soon and interested in off-loading a few quilts that are just gathering dust. Even though this quilt isn’t perfect, it deserves…

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    Capes! Making Toddler Capes for Christmas

    Oh is it not Christmastime? Consider this early for next year 🙂 For Christmas I made my four toddler aged nieces and nephews shiny satin capes.  Here are some pictures of the capes in action – I couldn’t get them to slow down to pose, so that is a good sign that they liked them! I used the Nancy’s Notions free cape pattern which was very helpful. I believe I adapted a few things, but it’s been a few months now and I can’t remember. I had their parents measure them from shoulder to knee to figure out how long to make them.  I did do some creative piecing and cutting…

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    The Littlest Baby Blanket

    This little quilt is made from the scraps of this very big quilt.  It doesn’t really have much of a purpose, but it is so sweet and soft looking I’m sure it will find a nice use in the house. I had all the circles in a pile. I just glued them down with a glue stick and then began quilting. I wanted it to have the frayed edges. This is how much it has frayed after one wash. I thought about match stick quilting and also about doing a grid. But I think it has enough stitching in it for now. For the first time in many years, I…

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    Teal Equilateral Baby Quilt – With Applique Baby Name

    This quilt is one of my finish along quilt goals (see them all in my original post) It feels great to be finishing quilts after taking a lot of time off from sewing over the summer, as well as time spent on giant projects that take months and months. Speaking of, quilting the giant monsters are next on my list. Yikes! In the meantime, I love to applique baby names onto quilts! I had a quilt with a D (for Dana) when I was little and just loved it! For more info on my letter applique process, you can check out my monogram tutorial. For these two quilts, I used a…