Cassette Tape Quilt

Quilted Cassette TapeOh, the quilts have reached a new level. I’m very excited about my cassette tape quilt! It is to scale, bam. This is not because I am a hipster, but because I had a tape with rainbow stripes on it (only smaller and not made of fabric) that I used to make mixed tapes on. 90 minute mixed tapes are how you show someone you REALLY care. And maybe there was some listening to the radio and waiting and waiting for the opening strains of that perfect song, so you could push the record button.  Of course, as you got older, the point of mixed tapes was to collect the cool songs that you would never hear on the radio, I think?

As I quilt it I’m going to add on all the details to make it more cassette-like. Only I can’t quilt it till my nice friendly sewing machine that doesn’t eat fabric comes home from the doctor. After I finish it, I’m thinking about making a pattern for it. I searched around on the internet and don’t see any tutorials for “Cassette Tape Baby Quilt.”

Not that a baby born in the last 15 years would know anything about cassettes. And that’s probably for the best. I don’t miss the way they filled your entire car and you could never find the one you wanted without wrecking your car.  If this inspires some cassette tape nostalgia in anyone else, check out this website where they post pictures of old cassette tapes. Amazing! Everything is on the internet.

Update! It’s quilted, here’s the backside:Cassette Tape Quilt


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