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Carrot or Carrot? Free Pattern and Survey

Hey hey hey! The Veggie embroidery patterns are getting closer. I’m sitting on my 95 degree front porch drinking iced soymilk/espresso, my laptop is burning a whole in my skirt, and I’m staring at these two drawings of carrots gardening, wondering, which is better? Or should I include both? I suppose I’m more inclined towards the curly haired carrot, since, you know, I’m curly haired. But the straight mohawk carrot has a gentle fierceness I appreciate.

So, long story short, I’m offering these for free, and if you want to embroider up a sample of them and give me a critique on my patterns, I’ll give you a bunch of free patterns, and uh, seeds from my garden, and uh, whatever else you want that I have around, say, a couple of black and white cats and a orange-headed boyfriend? But those are just for borrowing, I’d want them back.

(Just kidding, boyfriend!) (I know he’s reading this.)

(Cats can’t read, I can say whatever about them! Ha!)

Ok, so in sum:

1.  Which carrot is better? (Optional answer: You hate both carrots.)

2. Do you want to test some patterns for me?

3. My boyfriend is not for sale or trade.


  • Suzanne

    I prefer straight’s face but curly’s hair. I’m not sure what’s different about the faces as they’re just two eyes and a mouth. Maybe straight’s head is slightly smaller? And therefore a bit cuter?

    I’d be pleased as punch to test some patterns for you.

    I have yet to meet this red headed boyfriend you speak of so can express neither joy nor sorrow at the retraction of your offer.

  • Debbie

    Greetings from Canada: I’ve enjoyed looking around your website and had a few laughs in the process. I love the carrotts and enjoy embroidery. I’ll try them out on a dish towel – maybe a cute Easter project – maybe not this year as it’s so close already and my procrastinator takes over a lot. Let me know about other patterns you are working on.

    I’m still lurking around, looking at your other items, especially enjoyed your story about scraping burnt peaches from the pot. How I wish we had an abundance of peaches here. The climate here in New Brunswick is a bit too cool to grow them. Lots of other fruit though.

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