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Cake Plates for My Wedding Cake Buffet!

New thing I learned today: It is difficult to take charismatic pictures of six cake plates. Or maybe I am just a bad photographer. In either case, for our wedding, we’re having a cake buffet with six flavors of cake! I thought that I wanted to get some pretty antique cake plates to display them on – and Matt’s mom volunteered one of hers.

Cake Plates for my Cake Buffet!

So, today I ran to a little stretch of road that is just lousy with antique stores not far from my house to do some cake plate hunting. I found a few there and then, decided to chase some yard sales, and ended up across town at a thrift store, and found a bunch more for $2 each! Yay! America! I actually semi-stole one of the $2 cake plates from a gal who passively-aggressively mentioned to her mom about three feet from me that “Some girl just grabbed the pretty plate I wanted!” I feel mildly guilty about this, but I pretended not to hear.

As you can see, somehow in the wild haze of stealing cake plates from other shoppers I accidentally bought six cake plates – which means I guess Matt’s mom doesn’t have to bring hers.

Anyway, I can’t wait for these to be full of cake. In part, because that means I’ll be married, but also, because that means  – cake!

Also, does anyone need a cake plate in late August? I have six you can borrow.

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