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Bloggers Quilt Festival – ROYGBIV

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Rainbow Lone Star
King Size – 95″x100″

Folks who follow my blog have seen this quilt before, but I wanted to enter it into the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I love going through all the pages and seeing what everyone has made and voting for my favorites. I have entered my Goldfinch Mosaic quilt into the scrappy category.

This my Scrappy Lonestar Rainbow Explosion Quilt, which I’m entering into the ROYGBIV category. Feel free to vote for the quilt, so it can become quilt president! Or you know, the equivalent. I love this quilt, and for street cred I’ll remind you all that 1. I basted it while 8 months pregnant and 2. I photographed it while 9 months pregnant in 18 degree (Fahrenheit! That’s -8 to the Celsius followers) weather. Just saying. Here’s my previous blog post where I talk about it more.

Now that I have the baby I am just proud to get pants on every day, and most days I just wear skirts cause, ugh, pants are too much trouble. But one time I made a giant rainbow quilt.

Here is an upclose of the piecing – all from scraps! Mostly my strips.

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

Here is the back which I like as much as the front:
Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow Quilt

And an upclose of the back. The back is made using my scraps from the front. In case you are like, “Geez, having a two sided, King sized quilt with both sides having tons of tiny scraps must have been realllllly heavy,” you are right! This quilt is really heavy. I used the infamous Ikea numbers fabric plus some Lizzy House kitties on the back.  My husband is an engineer and we both love cats so basically math and cats and rainbows defines our household.

I quilted it by just outlining the star shapes, changing color for the different sections. I go back and forth between loving the quilting and feeling blah about it. But umm, I’m not picking it out at this point. 😉

Really Scrappy Lone Star Rainbow QuiltOk, I’m being very restrained with the photos! There is a quasi tutorial for this quilt here.

Thanks for stopping by! You should also vote for viewers choice and I’m not saying you should vote for my quilt but just that you should vote! That link is here.



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