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Black Bean Sweet Potato CHILI

This weekend my elbow was on the Charleston, WV evening news coverage of a zombie parade. It was pretty amazing. More importantly:

Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili

1 can of black beans (because you forgot to soak the dry ones)
stupid fancy local organic soft neck garlic that takes FOREVER to peel.
3 carrots
1 big ol’ Sweet potato
about a pepper worth of sweet peppers frozen in the freezer
Cilantro you froze in july
A jar of tomato sauce you canned
a jar of salsa you canned
some veggie stock (Better than Bullion or BUST!)
tablespoon of cumin
tablespoon of chili powder
some squeezes of lime juice
a couple shakes of TVP (textured vegetable protein)
some leftover Quinoa from yesterday

Optional topping: some vegan sour cream, frozen chives from the garden, tortilla chips.

Saute fresh veggies till soft. Add other ingredients, including salt to taste. Mix and simmer till the sweet potatoes are soft. Throw in the kale roughly chopped.  Eat three bowls. Regret the third. Remember that you could have added some of your chipotle ketchup and regret that too.

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