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Baby Flower Quilt – Or How to Fix A Quilt

Mira Baby Flower Name Quilt

When my Rainbow Derecho quilt got bleached, a quilting friend taught me the phrase “Applique makes it all go away” which was true in that case! I decided to try the wisdom on this little quilt. Here is a before picture, from 2011:


Cute, but booooring. I made this when I was first starting my Etsy shop, and was looking at cute, simple designs. I think I did achieve that, but this quilt never sold. I made this boy bunny version of the same quilt, which I also recently did a makeover on.

In this case, I just added an applique name and two little birds, and I love it! Perfect timing for a gift for a co-worker of Matt’s who had a difficult pregnancy. I mean, pregnancy of any kind is difficult, am I right? But hers involved a month of bedrest.

Mira Baby Flower Name Quilt

Mira Baby Flower Name Quilt

I’m including a peek at the back, you can see that I just free motion appliqued the birds down. so you can see the stitches on the back of the quilt. I don’t think it’s too obvious, and I think with washing it will be even less noticeable. But just in case you wanted to know what the back looks like when you applique something down on an already finished quilt!

Mira Baby Flower Name Quilt

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