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Aragon Bag by Sew Sweetness Review

Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag by WaterPenny
At the #OHCraft Sewing Retreat in October, I won a copy of a Sew Sweetness pattern and opted for the Aragon bag so I could make a diaper bag for my tiny little roommate.  I figured I would make it the following weekend, but I just laid around and slept instead. Silly pregnancy!

Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag

However, I am finally made it! Lucky because it is on my list of items to finish this quarter for the Finish Along! Glad to have another accomplishment to cross off the list!

Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag
Here are a few tips/notes from a quilter who has made only a few forays into bag making:

    • Clover wonderclips! I have a few because they were recommended for binding quilts, but I don’t like them for binding quilts. But I LOVE them for bag making. Who knew! (Everyone but me knew!)
    • I just printed out the pattern pieces and followed along with the instructions via the pdf on my computer. But I wish I had printed out pages 1-3 – the list of all the notions needed and the pieces/what to cut, cause hoo buddy it is a lot and I kept having to scroll back and try and figure out which piece was which and then losing my place in the instructions.
    • I used fusible fleece instead of the recommended interfacing of Soft and Stable, because I have a ton of it around. I am curious to see how the results compare. I thought about adding an extra layer of SF101 for sturdiness, but since I used upholstery weight fabric I didn’t bother. It does stand up pretty well on it’s own.
    • I wish I had been more careful about clipping the corners/curves before finishing the inside of the bag – It has kind of a lumpy finish and I’m sure this is why.

Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag

  • A note on bias tape: The bag calls for 1/2″ double fold bias tape. Maybe it is my pregnancy brain, but it took me wayyy too long to work out in my head that if you are making it yourself, that means cutting a 2″ strip, turning in the edges to the midpoint, and then folding the whole thing in half. I often make my own bias binding for quilts, but it is a different process/product than for bag-making and I couldn’t make my brain make the switch.

On the whole, I think this bag pattern are great for quilters looking to make the transition into 3-D construction – though you’d want to have done a few zippers I think, they aren’t as hard as they look!

One thing I’ll say is this bag is heavy! Granted I used upholstery weight fabric, but I think my hiking/backpacking background has spoiled me for super light bags. Just a funny surprise as I was getting near the end and realizing just how much fabric and interfacing etc. I had jammed into this bag.  I think it will make a nice diaper bag for bigger outings as well as a nice bag for sew-ins with all the pockets.

Sew Sweetness Aragon Bag

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