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A Victory for Shut Ins Everywhere! (with a classic punk detour)

My nasty corporate bank, which I deigned to join because my nice local bank didn’t have a branch in Columbus and because they offered me $125 to join and I’m not that principled, has a thing where you can deposit checks into your account by taking pictures of the checks with your cellphone. Take that equitable and principled credit unions!

I think this is awesome. Especially handy since said nasty corporate bank changed the PIN I’ve had for the last 15 years and I can’t ever remember the new one. First world problems, indeed.

Give me convenience or give me death! Speaking of this album (by the Dead Kennedys) – has anyone noticed that Califonia Uber Alles, a 1979 (ish) song name drops CA Gov Jerry Brown who is now the CA Governor again? If your mind is not already blown, it will be when you see this epic bit of folk art youtube madness.

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