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A Quilt Saga

Years ago, I “finished” this Rainbow Derecho quilt, but was never happy with it. Here is another post about the progress of the quilt. The quilting, the puckering of the applique, the weight of it (too heavy and stiff), lots of little things. I tried to finish it in a rush and that was an important lesson learned – why rush to finish something just so you can spend years not liking it?!? Rainbow Butterfly Derecho Quilt

But, I have a friend who is the perfect recipient for this quilt, and I’m moving soon and interested in off-loading a few quilts that are just gathering dust. Even though this quilt isn’t perfect, it deserves better than sitting in a box!

Rainbow Butterfly Derecho Quilt

However, I was using it for a picnic and a candle was set on it, and spilled red wax which left an impossible stain. So first things first, I was trying to get the stain out. I tried a wide variety of stain removal tools, and eventually decided I might try to applique something over the stain. Rainbow Butterfly Derecho Quilt

However, then the quilt accidentally got tossed in the wash WITH THE BLEACH PEN I was using on the stain. Tragedy. Above you can see the bleach marks and the stain. Sigh. Seriously.

After some hyperventilating, I decided to applique a flock of butterflies over the stains, bleach marks, and some of the worst puckers in the quilting/applique that were really bothering me. Three birds, one stone.

Rainbow Butterfly Derecho Quilt

I could write paragraphs about my disappointment in the back of the quilt. But at the same time, it is neat looking, and it is finished.

Overall, I definitely like this version better than the previous. Now though, I need to get it out of the house before I ruin it again!

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