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A Nerdfox’s Guide to Loving Nerdfoxes: Part Deuce

Nerdfox's Guide to Nerdfoxes

Matt and I have moved three times in the last year, and lived in 4 houses. I know the math doesn’t work out quite right, but the point is, where is all my stuff? I am always looking for it. HOWEVER, YESTERDAY, while looking for (like a damn hour) a cord to hook up the stereo to the computer, I found something that is better! Better than a $3 cord, better than the missing gospels and better than the Rosetta Stone ALL COMBINED – a flash drive that contained the previously lost Second Edition of the Nerdfox zine.

Now I will share it with you. Once again, last names have been omitted to protect the innocent. BONUS! This version has some content from the defunct Nerdfox Myspace page included in it too. Yes, myspace! hahaha.

On-line Version – This has the pages in the right order for computer reading.

Printing Version: If you are a bad ass and want to double side print this zine style, here is a copy for you do to that.  Follow the click below if you need tips on how to print the zine!

And go here if you haven’t read the first Nerdfox Zine from 2007 yet!

How to print: I have had a few people who have tried to print this and say it doesn’t work. I tested it, and it does work. Here’s some tips on printing zine/booklet style:

1. Trust the order the pages are in, and print double-sided. No matter what the pages say, use the pdf page order as your guide.

2. I can’t tell you how to feed your paper in to print double-sided, because all of them are different. However, what I do is print the odd pages (this is an option) and then I hand feed in page one, and print page two on the back, then page three and put four on the back, and so on.

3. Next the folding. Layer the pages so that the even numbers on the left hand side are counting up. So, two on bottom, then four, six, etc – you are nerdfoxes, you can count! Till you get to eleven. Twelve and Thirteen are the two middle pages.

4. Fold that baby in half. By baby, I mean zine.

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