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Matt and I went to Boston at Christmastime (to visit with his cute baby nephew, and oh yeah, the rest of his family) and made a stop by the Harpoon Brewery (we didn’t bring the baby nephew). We sampled the free beer like a couple of heroes, and I got excited about trying some of their ideas out homebrew style.

1. Pilgrim Beer (or something) brewed using only stuff that would be available to pilgrims for a reality tv show. They used sage instead of hops. It was sage-tastic.

2. Hard Apple Cider – brewed using beer yeast instead of champagne yeast, giving it a sharper, less sweet crispness.

3. Leviathan IPA – flower-tastic hops party punch/massage in your mouth with super high alcohol content.

Generally when we homebrew, we homebrew for intriguing flavors. So, a mocha porter, or a vanilla-peach, or our fabulous Ginger beer that is so gingery it is basically a nutritional supplement. I want to make a Maple Beer.  I love trying different sorts of beers, but there is a difference between grabbing a six-pack of something weird and brewing up 5 gallons (aka 50+ bottles) of it.  So I will probably never make a Sage Beer, because, I don’t want 5 gallons of sage flavored beer.

But I do want 5 gallons of Leviathan IPA. I actually want a swimming pool full, but 5 gallons is a great start. So, the first stop was the beer store, where we bought 9 oz of hops. Says beer store guy, “I like to imagine you are buying all these hops for one batch of beer” and we say, “Yeah, we are.” Beer store guy, “Awesome.”

Anyway, most beers have 2-4 oz of hops in them, so 9 is like, a lot. Plus we added more from our hops hoard at home. Also, I now know why Leviathan costs $10 for a 4-pack. Lordy! Hops get expensive.  The wort was so full of hops, it looked like a pot of chili. I was trying to capture the glory of it via photograph and video, but it doesn’t do it justice. Says Matt, “You need Feel-O-Vision to fully understand the sludgy texture of this beer.”

We tasted the beer before we put it into ferment, and it is a crazy mix of flowery bittery goodness.  I doubt it will taste like a Levithan IPA, but it will sure taste like something.

Matt did most of the work because I had to run to the laundry mat during the process to wash all the fabric that I dyed this weekend.  Oh what, did I dye fabric this weekend? Blog coming on that soon.

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