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Blue Flying Geese

Today I am sewing blue and white flying geese.

At first I liked blue triangles. Now I'm not so sure.

I saw this design on an old copy of Jane Eyre.

One of my other “works in progress” has been to try and have fewer threads everywhere in my sewing room and all over my clothes after I’m done sewing. After a few weeks of diligent lint rolling (thread rolling) and snipping off threads and tucking them in a thread catcher (aka mason jar) we had a total breakdown of the social order on these dang flying geese.

I also managed to somehow sew them all wrong using the Quilt in a Day Flying Geese ruler magic time saving technique (Have you seen this demo video? It’s a hoot.) And thus had to painstakingly trim my magic 4.5×8.5 blocks to a more modest 4×8.

In a desperate act of procrastination I sewed all these trimmings together in straight-ish line. I think I like this quilt better than the other one. Well, they are different…

Trimmings #quilt #scrappy


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