Hot Air Balloon Wedding Quilt

Hot Air Balloon Monogram Quilt

This was fun. It’s raw edge applique. I just put the fusible webbing under the edge of the design so it is softer, especially with the layers of applique with the monogram over the balloon.

Looking at it in pictures, I think maybe I should have done a darker stitching around the balloon. But in person, it stands out more and I liked the softer effect. I saw a quote that said the tragedy of making things is that by the time you finish something, you are better than when you started it so you are always disappointed with your work. But I love the soft gray/peach/navy palette and know it will be perfect for cuddling under after the wedding guests have signed it.

Zombies are a Girl’s Best Friend

I have a dear friend who loves zombies and pretty but not tooo pretty things, so I made her a zombie quilt recently, as a joint birthday/Christmas present, since she is awesome at gifts and I am frankly, not awesome at that.

zombie quilt

I pulled this photo of Jenny’s facebook page after she received it. My own photos suffer from winter ennui. I enjoyed making this quilt but couldn’t bring myself to do a real photo-shoot, not that my photos are ever anything that interesting but I’ve hit new lows. Enjoy these grim blurry kitchen floor photos and dream of spring with me!

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Infinity Scarf! and Spoonflower Cotton Voile Review

I made a few infinity scarves today – I used the free pattern from Pink Chalk Fabrics, which was the easiest to follow of the 2-3 I looked at. It’s pretty simple. It took me an hour and a half to make two, including selfie photoshoot in the bathroom (what has the world come to?) and blogging about it and picking out which tutorial to use.

Note: My fabric had slightly different dimensions than the tutorial and both scarves turned out fine. Got to work with what you have!

I made an #infinityscarf using the @pinkchalkfabrics tutorial and some #spoonflower voile fabric that used a picture from our trip to Yellowstone

I also wanted to review the custom printed cotton voile. Spoonflower had a little mistake (honestly can’t even remember what happened) on an order a few months back and gave me a free yard of fabric (great customer service!). I got a yard of cotton voile printed with a tree photo from our honeymoon.

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Princess Pirate Quilt!

A friend recently asked me to make a Princess Pirate Quilt for his niece. I said yes, please.  A great opportunity to use Sarah Jane Out to Sea before it disappears (goes out to sea?). There is also a lot of Aneela Hooey A Walk in the Woods fabric in there.

Princess Pirate Quilt

I love doing special applique quilts and I LOVE kids quilts that let me just have fun with bright colors. This quilt is very PINK! I swear I used a lot of blue fabric – or I thought I did – but the pink outshines everything else.

I used my Monogram Quilt Block Tutorial to make the letters.

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Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

I’ve been playing with blocks made using the hypnotic random 9-patch block generator and saw the block below. I decided to make it! The bold colors I chose and the erratic dancing shapes it makes when pieced together reminded me of something one might see at the circus, hence the name.

Note: I found it a little tricky to get the points to go the right way. I suggest you lay it all out before sewing it together. Unless you love your seam ripper or are impervious to mistakes.

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

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Charley Harper Goldfinch Pixel Quilt

Charley Harper Goldfinch Quilt
So, about 4 years ago I saw a picture of the Charley Harper mosaic in Cincinnati. Which I still haven’t been to. But I saved a photo of it onto my computer called “MUSTMAKECHARLEYHARPERQUILT.jpg”

I love Charley Harper and was inspired to finally do it by the (organic!) Charley Harper fabric that was just released.

Better late than never! I have threatened to divorce Matt and marry quilts before, but this time, I’m almost serious. I liked it so much I took it on a walk.

Charley Harper Goldfinch Quilt


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Bird Mosaic Quilt Beginning

Making a plan. #yellow #gray #black #cream

This evening I pulled some fabric.

Stacks of half square triangles. Magic triangle method!

Then I cut it into 5.5 inch squares to make 3.25 inch half square triangles via this method.

And then I started laying it out.

Pretty bird! #charleyharper quilt.

I’m very excited. It’s based on the Charley Harper mosaic in Cincinnati. Which I’ve not seen in person, but I have adored it for years. I’m linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and Thursday Threads and Sew Cute Tuesday. Ok, back to piecing!

Ohio Explosion Quilt Returns

Sorry to show this quilt again – but I am entering it the Bloggers Quilt Festival – into the applique category. The previous post is here. All the applique quilts in this festival are really different, which is neat to me! There are fun prizes, you should go vote for your favorite quilts! I also entered into the baby quilt category – another applique quilt.

Ohio State Map Quilt


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